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I work collaboratively and creatively to strengthen individuals, organizational capacity, community networks, power, and resilience to create a more just world.


I am a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), fierce advocate, and effective facilitator, supporting people and organizations to move through inertia towards the meaningful results that they desire. 

I run my own coaching and consulting business, as well as collaborate with a number of other organizations, such as Altus Growth PartnersSchonfield Consulting, Your Care Collective, Gather Inc., Prospera, San Francisco State University, and more.

I am a people and project manager with fifteen years of experience in the field of intersectional community organizing and organizational development. I am a skilled communicator and digital strategist (in English and Spanish). I bring a strong lens of systems change, cultural humility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion to all my work.

I have a B.A. in Urban Studies from Stanford University and a Masters in Urban Education from Loyola Marymount University. I completed my coaching  training and certification with the Coactive Training Institute. My approach in working with individuals and groups is grounded in being with what is present, deep self-reflection, and moving toward empowering action, accountability, and leadership development.  



I can't help but to have an eclectic list of offerings because my life experiences have been that way as well! This gives me the gift of feeling comfortable in a board room or a forest, and many places in between, with diverse groups of humans. I consider myself a student of life, always learning and contributing where I can,  As a White, Jewish, woman with class privilege, I am on a journey of exploring my various identities, engaging in allyship and anti-racist work, and using my privilege for as much good as possible.


I dedicate myself to community building in the San Francisco Bay Area where I have lived nearly my entire life. My ancestors immigrated to the U.S. from Eastern Europe, and I have always been fascinated with their stories as well as all immigration stories. This has made working with immigrants for a large part of my career so enriching and at times painful.


I come from a lineage of resistance fighters, and had my first experiences with progressive activism at age 14. I have continued down that path since then, and am on a lifelong journey of finding my roles in justice movements, This led me to my work in organizing and  coaching people to finding their own authentic activism and satisfying community contributions.

I  have worked deeply with both youth and adults, first as a public middle school teacher and then as a community organizer with primarily low-income and immigrant families dedicated to helping their children and communities access educational rights. In that role, I also built partnerships amongst a variety of stakeholders, such as non profit organizations, businesses, faith organizations, and government.


I weave a variety of spiritual practices into my life, such as Jewish Renewal and feminist Judaism, mindfullness and meditation, nature awareness/connection, and Moon Dance. I consider all of my offerings a part of my priestessing- from the super practical to the spiritual realms, and in between!


I am currently traveling the world, and have most recently resided in Berkeley, California on unceded Coast Miwok and Chochenyo Ohlone land, in a cooperative house full of humans, plants, and yummy treats. I love dancing, hiking, and match making of all sorts!

What People Are Saying

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" You're wonderful at rallying people toward action. It's a real gift you have and your genuine care comes through - and you push all of us to do things that fall by the wayside in the day-to-day hustle."

—Mikayla Posk, Consultant and Colleague

Let's see what magic we can make together.

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