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I am a life and leadership coach, fierce advocate, and effective facilitator, supporting people and organizations of all backgrounds to move through inertia towards the meaningful results that they desire. 

I run my own coaching and consulting business, as well as collaborate with and present at a number of other organizations, such as Schonfield Consulting, Your Care Collective, Gather Inc., Prospera, San Francisco State University, and more.

I am a people and project manager with over a decade of experience. I work collaboratively and creatively to strengthen individuals, organizational capacity, community networks, power, and resilience to create a more just world. I am a skilled communicator and digital strategist (in English and Spanish) with a strong lens on cultural humility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I have a B.A. in Urban Studies from Stanford University and a Masters in Urban Education  from Loyola Marymount University. I am completing my coaching  certification with the Coactive Training Institute. I love learning and continually building my skillset, and have taken a variety of courses such as co-counseling, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and Academy for Coaching Excellence. 



I can't help but to have an eclectic list of offerings because my life experiences have been that way as well! This gives me the gift of feeling comfortable in a board room or a forest, and many places in between, with diverse groups of humans. I consider myself a student of life, always learning and contributing where I can,  As a White, Jewish, woman with class privilege, I am on a journey of exploring my various identities, engaging in allyship and anti-racist work, and using my privilege for as much good as possible.


I dedicate myself to community building in the San Francisco Bay Area where I have lived nearly my entire life. My ancestors immigrated to the U.S. from Eastern Europe, and I have always been fascinated with their stories as well as all immigration stories. This has made working with immigrants for a large part of my career so enriching and at times painful.


I come from a lineage of resistance fighters, and had my first experiences with progressive activism at age 14. I have continued down that path since then, and am on a lifelong journey of finding my roles in justice movements, This led me to my work in organizing and  coaching people to finding their own authentic activism and satisfying community contributions.

I  have worked deeply with both youth and adults, first as a public middle school teacher and then as a community organizer with primarily low-income and immigrant families dedicated to helping their children and communities access educational rights. In that role, I also built partnerships amongst a variety of stakeholders, such as non profit organizations, businesses, faith organizations, and government.


I weave a variety of spiritual practices into my life, such as Jewish Renewal, mindfullness and meditation, nature awareness, Moon Dance (ask me about it!), and being a Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) in training. I consider all of my offerings a part of my priestessing- from the super practical to the spiritual realms, and in between!


I currently reside in Berkeley, California on unceded Coast Miwok and Chochenyo Ohlone land, in a cooperative house full of humans, plants, and yummy treats. I love dancing, hiking, and match making of all sorts!

What People Are Saying

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" You're wonderful at rallying people toward action. It's a real gift you have and your genuine care comes through - and you push all of us to do things that fall by the wayside in the day-to-day hustle."

—Mikayla Posk, Consultant and Colleague

Let's see what magic we can make together.

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