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Results & Testimonials

“I started doing coaching with Eva because I felt stuck. I knew I was not living in line with my deepest values, and I kept getting in my own way. Eva’s holistic and compassionate coaching style allowed me to both understand myself much more deeply and take positive actions that paved the way toward taking actions more in line with my values.  Eva allowed me to feel supported, empowered, and lovingly challenged during one of the hardest years of my life, and I continue to use many of the principles and practices she shared with me. Eva has a unique ability to balance being heart-centered and pragmatically action-oriented. Our sessions have had a lasting impact on my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Working with Eva will change your life if you are ready.”

-Geoff Cox, Facilitator, Coach, Healer

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"Eva reached out to me to offer a coaching session when I was quitting my “dream job.” This then led to a co-creation of a ritual signifying a rebirth into a new chapter of my life. In a time of falling apart and making big changes for my own spiritual survival, having a ceremony to mark the occasion was something I had not really considered. But it did not take long for me to realize I would value doing so.

I am grateful for Eva’s guidance and encouragement. The words of wisdom she shared with the witnesses I brought to the ritual made everyone feel connected to one another. I know in my heart I will always remember taking this time to acknowledge my intentions to shift the balance in my life. Giving myself this ritual will help to ground me and have a physical and symbolic place to look back on where I was. I am continuing to move through my new beginning with new energy and lightness.

Thank you, Eva for your creativity and compassion.

-Ariane Barr, Lawyer, Social Worker 

"I feel so grateful to Eva for anchoring my intentions to grow and learn and holding me accountable to them. With her support, I recognized my longings around creative expression, chose a drum, practiced, and cultivated the courage to play with others.Though our sessions began about music, they became about so much more; I gained new insights about how I use my voice, approach friendship, make decisions, and navigate unfamiliarity. It felt especially powerful to unpack together some of the ways gender conditioning impacts these things, and, through the drum, gain a new level of freedom and choice in my expression and relationships."

-Kelsie Pombo, Naturalist, Drum Doula Client


I was a little nervous to try coaching for the first time, especially since I wasn’t exactly sure about my goals. But Eva had a really natural and easeful way of guiding me toward groundedness/clear goals while still tending a spirit of creative emergence. In just a few sessions, I identified tangible practices that still help me connect more deeply with my voice/creativity each week. I would recommend that anyone trust in Eva’s magic and her ability to help you connect with your own. 

-Annabelle Potvin, Therapist 

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