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Facilitation, Consulting, & Training

I help draw out the magic of groups and organizations, supporting cohesion, learning, and  results to take place.

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Improving Our Communities

Community Organizing

As a senior community organizer. I consult and train on strategy, campaign development, and the basic skills and building blocks of organizing, such as one to one relational meetings, research meetings, and public actions.
I also have an expertise in non-violent direct action and bringing in creativity and ritual.

Organizational Development and Team Building 

I support organizations that work for positive change in the world to have a healthy, sustainable culture, from onboarding to training.  I work with teams and organizations to implement stronger practices that keep people engaged and happy.  I also help organizations and teams plan and facilitate retreats or important meetings.

Political Campaigns

I consult on political campaigns, including issue campaigns, policy/ballot measures, and candidates to elected positions. I have particular strengths in establishing a strong team and doing grassroots outreach.

Educational Consulting

I have studied many school systems and have focused on the ways they can better serve low-income students of color. I consult and train on family and community engagement strategies in the movement for increased education justice.  

My Background

Early in my career, I taught middle school and gained a Master’s in Urban Education with a concentration on Policy and Administration. I then became a community organizer with a non-profit organization that trained me diligently in the PICO organizing model (Pacific Institute for Community Organizing). Working in the Bay Area and around California, I gained deep experience working with the public school system and focusing on a stakeholder group who is often left out, families. I organized with majority Latino immigrant communities, as well as African American, Pacific Islander, and White communities around the Bay Area. 


I have organized around immigration, housing, labor, healthcare, electoral politics, Israel/Palestine, indigenous land rights, and more. I have built coalitions and partnerships with faith based organizations and many non-profit and government agencies. I have also worked on electoral campaigns, managing volunteers and both in person and digital canvassing strategy. 

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What People Are Saying

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“Eva mentored me weekly while I was in charge of volunteer coordination on a local campaign. She was very consistent with her check-ins, which is important for a fast-paced environment. I appreciated her consistency and her note-taking abilities–sometimes I would talk to her while I was driving because I was so immersed on the campaign, so I didn’t always have our check-in notes on me. She made sure I wasn’t so laser-focused on the everyday grind and encouraged me to occasionally step back and consider strategy and efficiency.  During our weekly calls, she brought up what I had committed to do in our previous call and asked about my progress. She was always kind and I never felt pressured, but at the same time she was able to make sure I followed through on my commitments. She made sure to hold space for my ideas and thoughts and always helped me think through them.  She also offered tangible ideas that I could implement immediately after our phone calls. She has the experience to consider small details that may go amiss to somebody new to organizing but are nonetheless very important in executing an organizing plan that works for all parties involved.  Needless to say, our campaign made it to the runoff in a competitive, well-funded 5-way primary, and I would argue it was because of our people power and effective organization that pushed us over one step closer to victory.”

 Bianka Ramirez,

Teacher and Organizer

Let's see what magic we can make together.

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