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Life & Leadership Coaching


Photo by Bruce Forrester

I work in a holistic way with individuals, teams, and organizations who are  committed to bringing change to their lives or communities, and need help in the process. I define holistic as welcoming in all parts of ourselves, such as the mind, body, heart, spirit, and even  different inner characters. My coaching  ranges from no-nonsense collaborative problem solving to an exploration of personal vulnerability. I hold my clients in the highest regard, facilitating people to grow their self-knowledge, awareness, and identification of one's place in the world. 

I designed this image to sum up my coaching approach because it reminds me to always lead from the heart and be a warrior of love as we turn passion into action.  


I work collaboratively and creatively with my clients to deepen their relationship with themselves, cross over important life thresholds in a graceful way, and get the results they want.

We might be a good fit if you are working with any of the following situations, or more:

  • Taking the next step in your life, such as retiring, going to school, launching a business, shifting careers, or starting a new routine

  • Improving your personal organization and time management to allow you to have greater impact

  • Developing your personal leadership skills and reflecting on your leadership journey

  • Being effective as a a new manager in a workplace and running great teams

  • Expanding your creative goals and outcomes (both the creative process and the business side of being an artist)

  • Developing your best contributions to community, in the form of political activism, strategic philanthropy, and community organizing. I can help you make a "Generosity Plan" to concretely and strategically gear your giving

  • Growing your career as an educator or community organizer, and looking to gain support from someone who has personally been in those trenches

  • Finding your spiritual home, which can include exploring ancestral lineages or chosen ones

  • Deepening your relationships and fulfilling connections in your life

  • Forming a deeper relationship with drumming and music: "Drum Doula" Coaching: Check out my music page! 

In terms of context for our meetings, the sky's the limit! We can coach on zoom, on the phone, meet in nature, or walk around the city. 

I work with both low income and higher income individuals and strongly believe everyone deserves a coach. Check out my  contact page for more information on rates.

What People Are Saying

jess nature.JPG

"Eva was very good at making the coaching sessions useful and created a comfortable environment. She was able to ask questions in a way that helped me see situations in a way I would not normally approach them and was able to help me set small goals at the end of each session to try and improve. She was able to use elements from all the sessions in combination to help come up with new ways of thinking about how I communicate with my co-workers."

— Coaching Client

Let's see what magic we can make together.

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